Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is the strongest yet most gentle medicine I have "taken" in my life. It is a meditation practice in movement where through the creativity of our own inner dancer we can connect to the innate wisdom within us. By activating our inner dancer we can sense that we are not separate but interconnected with life itself. Knowing that at any given moment we are being carried. This can reinstate a deep sense of belonging especially when we move through challenges in our lives and have closed ourselves in or out. Movement Medicine practice creates a safe space to log-in to "listen-in", and then simply let our bodies become the instrument to express what literally moves us. We gain direct access to the unbroken inside us, the miracle that life is. It's as simple as that:-)!

E-motion -> Energy in motion. Life is energy moving and ever changing. Simply feel your own heartbeat beating and sense your own breath moving as you breathe in and out. Life is movement. Movement is life. Movement is medicine.

Sometimes we can become stuck or our energy can become stuck physically, mentally and/or emotionally. In German we say "Haltung"-> the way we hold ourselves. Imagine yourself being in a situation where you feel a bursting laughter coming up and you are not allowed to laugh... - how hard it is to hold that emotion :-) Same with crying, with being scared, frustrated or even with being joyful. It is the "allowing" of letting that energy move in a safe space that brings the medicine. 


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