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Johanna Stromeyer

Johanna is a Movement Medicine Apprentice teacher since 2016. Born 1974 in Salzburg, Austria, she lives in London since 1998. Happily married since 2015 and proud mom of a 19 year old son. Johanna loved dancing all her life. Dancing used to be her safe way of escaping life when real life felt confusing and/or overwhelming. Through finding 5 Rhythms and later Movement Medicine, Johanna experienced that dancing was never about escaping life but about finding a way back "home", to reconnect with life.

When we are in a space or community we feel safe in, we are most likely to grow. In Movement Medicine we have the possibility to rediscover our natural resources supported through our own dance.

"When I dance, I feel alive and connected to life, within me and around me - magic simply happens and my illusion of being separated from the world, melts away." 

As a Movement Medicine teacher I now wish to share this medicine with my community.

Johanna also works as an interior designer and her aim has always been to make the interiors dance and it still is.