Every little step is a step and together we march

As I am reading about the devastating deforestation in the Amazon and then the record breaking planting trees in Ethiopia, I think:

One can skip between good news and bad news. Important to acknowledge both to stay real, not doomed but awake to new possibilities, not over euphoric but awake to new choices.

Planting trees is one of the choices we so easily can make thanks to great charities.

Using Ecosia as search engine, donating to charities like www.treesisters.org or weforest.org, or https://www.pachamama.org/ to name just a few.

Let yourself be inspired to be part of the change that is happening around you. Every little step is a step and together we march!

Emotions put into motion bring clarity and spaciousness in the heart body and mind

Emotions not put into motion will freeze, they will never vanish.

That’s why in Movement Medicine we talk about the past as a storehouse of energy. Frozen emotions trapped in the past, hold important keys for us to unfreeze and unstiffen ourselves on all levels.

Emotional intelligence is linked to physical and mental intelligence and if one is out of balance, the rest will be distorted. If all are aligned the soul can land and find its channel to realize its dreams and purpose.

The dance is Medicine to soften ourselves to find support to flow again with ease instead of disease.